Premature ejaculation: how common is it? Does it happen to everybody?

We asked* 100 sexually active heterosexual** men, and 100 sexually active heterosexual** women (not 100 couples, please note) the following:

  1. To the men, “have you ever felt that during sex, you came too soon after intercourse, or have you ever come even before intercourse?”
  2. To the women, “during sex, has your partner ever come before intercourse? Or, too soon after intercourse?”

What story are these pie charts telling, we wonder.

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Will be great if you could help out by sharing your thoughts in the comments below...

*this set of respondents has no overlap with a similar study done for erectile dysfunction. You can access that study here.

**we did not filter respondents for their sexual preference, but all of the 200 respondents described themselves as heterosexual