What is ED?

Erectile Dysfunction or ED happens when the natural blood circulation to our penis is low. This doesn’t allow our penis to have a stronger, fuller and longer erection. This generally happens due to ageing, sedentary lifestyle choices or family/medical history.

The natural solution

The acknowledgement and treatments of Erectile Dysfunction or ED is being taken seriously since the past few years. Having a good sex life is directly connected to having a great, physically fit body. The fitter you are, the chances of performance and satisfaction while having sex are higher.

Pelvic Exercises

Our pelvic region plays a very significant role in circulating blood into our penile area. Strong pelvic muscles are identified as immunity to control our desire to release soon. Few exercises show humongous changes in keeping our core strong if done correctly and regularly.

  1. Kegel exercise Kegel exercise is one of the oldest forms of exercises that have been practised to control urinal discharge. This happens because of Kegel exercise help in strengthening our pelvic floor muscles which support our intestine and urinary bladder.

How to do this exercise

  • In the beginning, while urinating, try to slow down the flow. Once you successfully understand and locate your muscles responsible for urine, try to stop halfway while urinating. Hold on for a couple of seconds and release. Try doing this several times a day. Make sure that you do not tighten your lower back, buttock, abdominal or leg muscles. It won’t be helpful in this particular exercise.
  • Once you have located the muscles and have control of them, try doing Kegel exercise without urination. Sit down comfortably and tighten the muscles. Hold on for five seconds and release. Do not squeeze too hard, but it should be hard enough to gain control. Rest for ten seconds, then repeat. Do this at least three to five times a day for better results. Once you have gained more control, try doing Kegels while standing or lying down.

2.  Plank There are debates that this exercise might interfere with your pelvic floor exercise, but you can modify your workout. With practice, eventually, you can turn this exercise into pelvic friendly exercise. This exercise tightens up your core.

Though this exercise is isometric and doesn’t involve a lot of intensity like cardio exercises, it certainly works wonders. You have to rest your body in a straight position from head to toe on your elbows, forming a bridge. Hold on to this position for four to five seconds, release, take rest and repeat.

This exercise somewhat looks like pushups, but instead of any movement, it should be stagnant. There are a lot of benefits of plank exercise other than strengthening the core. It helps in building endurance, focus and losing beer belly.

Pelvic exercises help in not only stronger and fuller erections but also the orgasm intensity increases. In older age, it also helps in urinary incontinence.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

Pelvic exercises that can cure ED