Our body is a perfect example of constant changes. The texture, odour, colour, and quality of our urine can say a lot about our health in general. When suspicious, it is essential to examine our urine by a certified and experienced urologist to understand our well-being. You are required to do a stool test whenever you visit a doctor with some problems.

What is urology after all?

Urology is the study of the department of science and medicine related to the health of our urinary system.

What are the signs that show It is high time to visit a urologist?

  1. Urine with blood – If there is blood coming along with your urine, there are chances that you might face the problem of kidney or urinary bladder Cancer. It’s better to get it checked by a urologist without waiting for an emergency to occur.
  2. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – Erectile dysfunction is a joint deformity that men are facing in the modern world. Even though there are many possibilities for ED to occur at a particular age, the most significant one is the sheer low quantity of blood circulation to the penile region. This hinders the ability of the penis to get erections. The reason why you should acknowledge this problem and talk to the urologist about it. They might diagnose to find out issues related to the heart like hypertension.
  3. Difficulty in urinating or painful urination – Urination can be painful and irritating sometimes because of infection or enlarged prostate gland. A urologist can tell you what the cure might be to your problem after an examination.
  4. Irregular urination – Sometimes, you feel and urgency to urinate; however, you fail to do it in the lavatory. Get your tests done by a urologist in such cases.
  5. Urinary Incontinence – When your urine seems out of your control, it is unhygienic and might be embarrassing as well. Visit a urologist to get the initial checkup done and can be treated with time.
  6. Infertility – Infertility can also be found due to various urinary problems. Consult a urologist when you have a doubt.
  7. Prostate Examination – A urologist examines and monitors your prostate gland and would be aware of any changes that might appear. So, it is advised that one should find the best urologist according to their convenience and get regular checkups from the same person. This way, irregularities can be examined, and this might also cure prostate cancer at the initial stages itself.
  8. Testicular lump – Lump in the testicular region might be firm and painful; however, it goes away with time. In case you still feel the firmness and pain even after two weeks, it is time for you to visit a urologist for examination. If it’s testicular cancer, there are chances for it to be cured depending upon how soon it has been diagnosed.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

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