Dreams are divided into cycles of approximately 90 minutes, and each involves a different phase of sleep. These phases can be further divided into five segments: numbness, light sleep, transition, deep sleep and REM phase. The phase of the dream in which fantasies appear in the form of stories is the REM phase. Specifically, the ones that we will today study about: the erotic dreams. These are part of our intimacy and are closely linked to sexuality.

What are erotic dreams for?

Making love in a dream not only shows that our imagination and sexuality are stimulated. Or, as Freud analysed, we are able to form the desired story or even satisfy unconscious drives through our dreams. Having erotic dreams is something natural. Sexuality is part of our life, therefore it is logical that some of our dreams have this content. But beyond the theories, If we inquire a little more about why we have erotic dreams we can verify that there is no single answer given the complexity of dreams.

How are erotic dreams interpreted?

According to psychoanalysts consider that the erotic dream is shown in two ways: the one that implies a sexual act with penetration, which can mean a lack in reality, with a non-full libido and the second is the carnal (kisses, caresses), which simply means general well-being. Here are some of the most recurring erotic dreams and their possible meanings:

1. Love encounters with ex-partners, with your boss or with a stranger

They are usually some of the most frequent protagonists of erotic dreams and, beyond sexuality, they can also have a deeper meaning. For example, dreaming that you have relations with your ex-partner can reveal that you miss him, that you have not yet closed that chapter of your life or that.

On the other hand, dreaming about your boss can indicate a desire for power and authority. It may also be that in that person you see reflected aspects you would like to apply to your own personality. If an unknown person appears in your erotic dream, it could result in a desire for change in your life or a warning that you have fallen into monotony.

2. References to objects or places

If a person dream of making love on a train with their partner, it can mean that their relationship is on track. If the train derails, it may be that the couple is in crisis. On the other hand, if you dream that you make love with your partner by the fire, it can mean that it is a passionate and complete relationship. Your libido is full of energy!

If you dream of having fun in the water or aboard a boat, congratulations, this means that you are in perfect sexual harmony with your partner.

3. Nudity

Dreaming that one is naked does not indicate a desire for exhibitionism, but a great desire for freedom, to express the deepest “I.” You may have tired of pretending something you really are not and need to be completely yourself, forgetting the models and limitations imposed by the society in which we live.

From a sexual point of view, this dream reveals the desire to be free from your usual practices. If you are comfortable, it means that you feel good about yourself and your body. On the contrary, if you find yourself uncomfortable without clothes, the discomfort that accompanies being naked in public reveals the ambivalence of your mood, which is divided between desire and inhibition.

Dreams reveal our unconscious fears and if nudity causes you anxiety, it means that we have difficulties in accepting our sexuality and, therefore, in living it 100%.

Should we be afraid of erotic dreams?

Of course not! These dreams are not a sign of problems but on the contrary, of good psychic health. Your dreams, although they are the translation of inhibited carnal or sexual desires and for which you are not responsible, should not be confused with reality. So, do not feel guilty or think that you suffer some kind of perversity.

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