The naughty car escapade is a common fantasy but you can't call it banal. By will, by chance or impulse of the moment, a hot steamy session in the car promises an explosion of the senses. Here's our advice to spend some unforgettable moments in your car while practising some Car-masutra.

Love lesson in the car... in Titanic

Jack and Rose are sitting quietly in the back-seat (point # 1) of a small car (#2), in the holds of the Titanic (#3). Then Rose asks Jack to touch her. Then they make love, in the missionary position (point # 4). It's so good that a few minutes later, we see a hand slip on the rear window misted by the heat of love.

Conclusion: to make love in a car, no matter how small it is, simply park it in a discreet place, lie on the back seat and accomplish a simple missionary.

Love lesson in the car ... in real life!

You are all set to fulfil your fantasy and then suddenly the back seat seems very short for your long legs, and narrow for your two bodies lying down. The man’s knee rips, and he falls off the seat and the partner’s head stumbles uncomfortably against the inside of the door.

Conclusion: Jack and Rose are fictional characters aboard a fictionalized Titanic while you are a real-life couple. So in real life, making love in the car is exactly like making love on the plane, in a fitting room or at the cinema – a bit uncomfortable. Yet thrilling!

Sexual positions to make love in the car

We are not going to let you down. If Jack and Rose have managed to get their foot on the car’s back seat, it's possible! So, what if they both measured exactly the size of the back seat in question. Since this is may not be your case, it will be necessary to adopt the right positions according to your size and that of your car if you want to enjoy car sex.

If we stick to the “Car- masutra”, the car offers a lot of possibilities for sexual positions depending on whether you are on the road or on one of the front seats or in the back.

1. The back seat, for example, is perfect for the lotus, the position where the woman is on top, the man sitting astride, the woman facing and straddling him.

2. It is difficult to go the doggy style, hard to stand on all fours on a narrow seat. But again, it all depends on your size and that of your car seat. You can even fold your car seats to try this position.

3. Your partner lies on her back with one leg on her partner's shoulder. You can kneel on the seat holding one leg with one hand and the other hand on top of her thigh.

4. The front seat, once its backrest is lowered to the rear, allows (finally) a merry missionary. You can stretch your legs under the glove box, and your partner can take advantage of the fleece seat back to rest her head.

5. Another variant is on the front seat. You sit normally, feet on the ground, and your partner sits on your lap. More like a reverse cowgirl or reverse woman on top but on a chair (the front seat of your car).

The checklist before making love in the car -

  • First and foremost, realize that fulfilling one's fantasies can be a bit disappointing. So keep minimum hopes that your first-time car experience is going to be exceptional.
  • Find out a discreet place to park your car, but not creepy; underground parking, the rear entry of a park, by the sea or even your own garage.
  • Dress in easily removable clothes - shorts (not too tight) or loose knickers and a skirt or dress for your partner!
  • Enjoy, but if it becomes painful, get back to bed fast!

Have fun, and pay attention to the horn on the steering wheel!

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