Rarely do archaeological findings feature in the list of things that attract the attention of this column, but today is one such occasion.

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In an excavation in the Cordoba region of Spain, emerged an 18 inch “girthy” stone penis sculpture!

While penis depictions in sculpture are not uncommon, this one is perhaps the biggest to have, well, emerge so far.

Experts reckon that it would have been supposed to ward off the evil eye, or bad luck in general, even as the plausible mechanism for this role is not entirely clear.

Whatever be the ‘functional’ role, this and so much else in archaeological findings across the world establishes that the preoccupation with the phallus is an ongoing cultural phenomenon.

On the size of the phallic work, one can assume that in some part it would stand for aspiration. Male aspiration, more specifically. The same aspiration that takes millions of men into the arms of unscrupulous sellers of products that claim to increase penis size. Even as it is well known that there is no known, scientifically established, non-surgical way to increase penis size.

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