Recently we wrote about Anil Kapoor’s refreshing honesty in addressing the value of sex to stay youthful. That was brilliant.

Well, in the same episode of Koffee with Karan, the other guest was three young Varun Dhawan, who while also refreshingly honest, stood out for a stinging endorsement for Ashwagandha for men to have better sex lives.

In its own very important way, this was also breaking a taboo, as typically men have held on to the view that to consider taking something—anything—is a sign that one is not “man enough.” This leads to the vicious cycle of men suffering in silence when it comes to challenges around sex. Varun breaks this long running trope with the forthright comments.

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Now, the big question has to be, “does Ashwagandha actually work?”

Well, there’s a lot of Ayurvedic text that it does. In the Misters experience we have found that any sort of sexual challenge among men, has a strong probability of being linked to stress. And Ashwagandha definitely helps reduce stress. As a combination with Misters Enhance, it has a very strong repeat consumption rate, which indicates high consumer satisfaction.

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Coming back to young Varun, well, hats off. You did well. May the candour increase with your stardom!