If change is the only constant, pregnancy is only about constant change! The proverbial good news replete as it is with excitement, joy and bliss also changes us in unprecedented ways. While the first pregnancy marks a new beginning and new responsibilities for a would-be parent, the next ones also have their share of additional commitment. The period of pregnancy is one of the sheer upheavals in the life of a woman as she undergoes marked changes in her body and mind.

While the physical symptoms are easy to notice, it is her subtle psychological change that often needs attention. Unusual feelings, odd sensations and unfamiliar emotions crowd the mind of an expecting mother overwhelming her deeply. This is where the role of a supporting partner comes in. Remember, pregnancy and parenthood are couple goals you, as a responsible partner, must be prepared to deal with your pregnant wife’s change of mood and other behavioural traits.

In fact, during this nine months journey, everything including the sexual drive of your partner will change. Yes! You read it right! Sex! Contrary to all the prevalent myths, sex during pregnancy is normal and safe, unless advised against by the doctor for some specific reasons. However, it is better to keep to tender lovemaking, as pelvic force often causes pain or discomfort. Change in the libido of expecting mothers is known to be highly pronounced and utterly varied. Some pregnant women experience heightened libido while others feel disinclined.

However, the pattern of change is mostly associated with the stages of pregnancy. In the first trimester, your partner’s estrogens and progesterone levels rise causing exhaustion, nausea and breast sensitivity. It is very natural for expecting mothers to have lower sexual desires during this period.

The good news is, the hormone levels start dropping from the tenth week, and as it happens, the would-be mother appears more stable with less queasiness and fatigue. This might make her feel energetic and increase her sex drive. This drive is the result of increased blood flow which helps in easy arousal, better vaginal lubrication and greater sexual satisfaction. Make most of this period. It will help you know better, the changing body of your partner, and bond with her at a deeper level.

Eventually in her third trimester, she will gain weight (almost up to 25 or 35 pounds) and experience backache. Discomfiture might make her jittery and decrease her sexual drive considerably. Whatever happens, the thumb rule is not to panic! Embrace the changes with poise and share her joys and woes. This will make your partner feel more relaxed and boost her heath which is immensely good for the baby.

That said, sexual drive in pregnant women also changes from one pregnancy to another. While she might have a very high level of libido during her first, in her second, she could be indisposed. As your partner goes through a period of sheer disruption to be a mother, you as the father, must take the moral responsibility and give her all the love and care she needs and rightfully deserves. Welcome to parenthood! Your love just got more real!

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