Treating ED is possible! Erectile Dysfunction or mostly referred to as ED, can be very daunting for men. This can push them into a deep psychological trauma. Primarily concerning your sex-life, it adds on to the problem as you do not feel comfortable discussing it with anyone.

In this post, we have brought some proven solutions that will help you get rid of Erectile Dysfunction. So, what are those?

1.     Lifestyle Changes:  We have often discussed improving lifestyles. Bad lifestyle is the cause behind numerous issues we face in the modern world. Unfortunately, we have many factors that are contributing to our unorganised and poor lifestyle. Sleep well, do not stress up, add a healthy diet, exercise to be physically active, reduce or best quit smoking and other bad habits such as alcohol. Depression, anxiety, stress, loss of desire, sense of inadequacy or guilt are some real causes of your bedroom blues. We recommend making romance and foreplay part of the act to lead an exciting bedroom session. Improving lifestyle can truly recover you from the situation; however, it may not treat ED completely.

2.     Medications: Medicines have become a standard solution to almost every trouble that disturbs our well-being today. There are numerous medicines to treat ED and is used by millions of men across the globe. One of the most popular medication is Viagra. All of these medicines work differently, but in common, they all increase blood flow in the penis to counter-attack ED. A medication that works for your friend may not work for you. These medicines can have serious health impact if they are taken without prescription. It is not even safe to take ED drugs in specific existing health issues. Therefore, you must tell your doctor about all health issues when you plan to visit for ED prescription.

3.     Penile Injection & Topical Gel: A small needle to inject medicine directly into the penis or to use topical gel to rub on it stimulates blood flow and thereby improves erection. Some ayurvedic versions are also available in the market today such as Himalaya Himcolin & Scintilla Power Oil. Recently there have been more studies and relevant developments claiming to have been effective in curing ED; however, they are yet to be available for public use.

The fact is, Erectile Dysfunction can happen to any man belonging to any age. Sudden troubles in relationships and life can escalate the problem. This may be just a temporary phase when you don’t get the erection as often or as much as you want. It may even go unnoticed and get cured on its own when you shift into your healthy lifestyle.

ED can be treated so you must consult a doctor and discuss your symptoms to get rid of your bedroom blues. While more advanced treatments are due to be available in the future, & even experts highly recommend lifestyle changes and medications as immediate measures of Erectile Dysfunction.