Now that’s a sentence that I never thought I would write. But I have. And it is not as if I am trying to justify my moniker. This is a legitimate, research inspired post after all.

Came across this finding in a piece in the Time magazine, and then some basic sleuthing took me to where there’s more of a reference to the original study. While the original study seems a bit compromised—given that it sets up the launch of sex toys aimed at the left-handed—and the often raised point of correlation versus causation is very much relevant as criticism, it is an intriguing question.

So, asking myself, ‘assuming that the finding holds, what could be possible reasons for it to be so?’

Could it be—as in cricket—that left handers are outsiders and therefore have their own innovative approaches? But unlike cricket—where gear is designed for right handed people and left handed players have to adapt—what part of sex is ‘designed’ for the right handed? The only skew I can think of is that because sex involves two people, and because being right handed is the norm, that left-handed people mostly have sex with the right handed, and in that combination find some advantage? But what is that advantage specifically? I can’t quite figure it out.

Would you like to offer an answer to this vexing question?

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