Dim lit candles, décor of rose petals and sweet romantic music, all combined make a perfect night for you with your partner! The essence, the aroma, and with the ambiance sprinkling romance in the air, does induce you and your partner with jittery feeling. A feeling to make love and to indulge in sensual activities. Our body reacts to aromas, and certain smells are capable of twitching specific human desires. Five senses play a vital role in foreplay and must be tickled to make your kinky bedroom sessions pleasurable. Out of all five senses, your nose is the sexiest organ. They actively respond to the aroma while you are in the mood to have bedroom fun with your partner.

The seductive perfume ads and the truth behind!

You might have come across those deodorants and perfume tv ads, the man in it puts the deo-spray on, and the girls around start running after him. The advertisements show that man becomes a sexual temptation for girls.

It might seem funny and totally illogical for some, but there’s a reason those companies show such commercials. According to the Archives of Sexual Behavior, which documented a study conducted by German researchers, people who have a strong sense of smell have more pleasurable sex. Notably, women with higher sensitivity of smell tend to have exciting orgasms when having sex with their partners.

What if your nose isn’t that sharp?

If your smell sense is mild, then it is entirely OK. It is not that you cannot have pleasurable sex if you cannot sense the aroma. But people suffering from anosmia – a condition which can affect both men and women, not being able to get the smell can disrupt their day to day lives as well as sexual lives. Smell sense is essential for humans to carry out many activities and chores every day. People can go weak emotionally and even mentally without being able to smell. Feelings of insecurities pile up for women who suffer anosmia. Whereas men would limit their number of sexual partners. In a way, it is right, even though it is probably a sign of commitment to fear born out of the inability to smell.

How does it affect your relationship and sex?

During the study conducted by German researchers, they wanted to know more about the interactions between partners and differentiate the characteristics of how each gender responds to such situations. Around 32 men and women born with anosmia were asked a few questions, and they were compared with 36 other healthy men and women of around similar age groups. It was found that men having anosmia had a lesser number of relationships count and were not interested in exploring sexual relationships. Women, on the other hand, were full of insecurities that can jeopardize a healthy relationship. Surprisingly, they still had the same number of partners overall as of any healthy women.

You must have read, “cologne and body odor” mesmerizes the partner and increases intimacy. People suffering from anosmia are unfortunately unable to relate to it. However, aromas certainly have proven to work on how you tune-up with each other and bond together for sex. Next time, use cologne or a nice body spray different than usual and see for yourself how your partner reacts. Alternatively, notice how you are responding to a new aroma your partner carries next time in bed with her. If you are anosmatic, remember that your true heart and an entire string of trust won’t let anything hinder your sex life or love.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP