“There’s not enough time for sex.” Social distancing or isolation has thrown this excuse out of the window. With people across the world, locked down in their homes, the desire for intimacy is bound to increase. Whether singles or couples, thinking about sex when you have so much free time is natural.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that PornHub has provided free access to its Premium content in Italy. Sales of sex toys are increasing, and that people are stocking up on condoms like flour is not just a myth. Even podcasts on erotica have also experienced a peak in the past few days.

Enough to conclude that a small confinement session stimulates desire. The COVID-19 may not be a sexually transmitted disease, but it is not entirely safe to engage in physical contact, especially if you are not practising social distancing. If you or your partner are stepping out of home and meeting people, it is best to exercise caution and stay away from any intimacy.

What are the risks of transmission of Coronavirus during sex?

Well, the reason you are asked to sneeze or cough in your elbow or cover your mouth is that the virus is easily transmitted through saliva. Kissing for starters can lead to a spread.

Also, the Coronavirus is present in the stool. It is, therefore, potentially present in the anal area and around it. Even if it seems more anecdotal, you can be according to your sexual practices (for instance, through rimming), in contact with the virus. It is all this that makes the Coronavirus an infection that has an impact on your sex lives, even though it is not an STI in the strict sense of the term.

Exchanging kisses with people carrying the Coronavirus is a risk of being contaminated. Also, if your partner is not feeling well (even though diagnosed negative for COVID-19), it is best to avoid any physical touch or contact.

Can we have sex during Coronavirus?

If you live together and have been confined or socially distanced for more than five days, with little contact with other people, outside your home, it may be safe for you. Also, when confined to your home, if neither of the partners is sick, there are no contraindications on having sex.

However, it is essential in these circumstances to comply with the recommended health and safety recommendations, namely, wash your hands and be clean before any intercourse, whether with yourself or a partner.

For the Singles

Protecting yourself from the Coronavirus is more critical. Tinder, the famous dating app, warned its users too. The moment two people match, they have slipped a warning card referring to the instructions of the WHO on the barrier gestures. However, there is no need to sulk or delete the app. You can continue using dating apps but maintain a long-distance relationship.

If you have casual sexual encounters with a new partner or partners who you know little about, then it is best to avoid meeting in person and sexual intercourse during this period. Utilise this time to sext (with the consent of the other person), or work on your bond.

Tips for couples during COVID-19

  • For long-distance couples, make use of technology. Phone sex, video sex (with caution and provided you trust your partner) or just sexting can help you make most of this time at home.
  • Long-distance couples can also watch erotic movies together, at the same time and engage in self-pleasure. This tip is also handy for couples who live together but want to abstain from sex as a precaution.
  • Using sex toys is also an option. However, ensure that you sanitize your sex toys perfectly.
  • This is the right time to discuss your pleasures. For men, if you are worried about early ejaculation or facing erection problems that make you avoid sex, now is an excellent time to discuss it with your partner.
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