A newly published paper in The Journal of Sex Research investigates the connection between parental responses to infant’s sleep and the frequency of sex between the parents.

The paper by Michal Kahn, Barnett and Gradisar, looks at various parameters such as visiting the newborn’s crib through the night, use of baby monitor systems and sharing a room with the newborn, and analyses correlations with sex frequency.

It seems an important bit of research as sex lives of parents is often ignored, and socially the parental role quickly becomes the defining one.

Of all the parameters studied the first one—visiting the crib frequently through the night—seems to have a strong correlation. It also makes intuitive sense, of course.

However, one wonders whether that parameter itself is a manifestation of parental anxiety. Might there be ways that are effective in helping parents to calm down.

Seems a good idea in general, but now that we know that they will have better sex lives, there’s extra incentive for young parents to, well, relax!

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