I often feel that when it comes to key cultural themes, not knowing the views of actors who have played cherished roles is not exactly a bad thing.

For one never knows what one will find.

Latest in this series is Mukesh Khanna, who played the much loved—in the 90s—character, Shaktiman. Something must have triggered him to say, and we copy-paste:

“Koi bhi ladki agar kisi ladke ko kahe ‘I want to have sex with you’, wo ladki, ladki nahi hai, wo dhanda kar rahi hai. Kyunki is tarah ki nirlaj baatein koi sabhya samaj ki ladki kabhi nahi karegi.”

Well, well. There he is flying in the face of a much more honest conversation about sex, about the recognition of women’s desire and so forth. And all in the name of “sabhyata.”

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In response to arguments such as these—and unfortunately arguments as these are not rare—one can suggest a trip to some of the oldest temples that dot our land, or recommend reading some of the older surviving texts from our part of the world.

Might be suggest a few episodes of our podcast for Mr Khanna?

Talking Sex Podcast | Women’s verse | Sex in the second century!

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While the main grouse with Khanna’s statement will be for it teeming with misogyny, it is important that here we identify another constituency that these words harm. Men!

Yes, these comments are bad for the happiness of men.
For they make men judge women’s sexual agency. In turn, that leads to men not listening to their women partners to figure out what they like during sex, which leaves them frustrated about their own performance in bed. And that’s a source of sadness.

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So, Mr Khanna, please read a bit, please travel a bit, and most importantly, please think a bit.

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