The way you walk and talk says a lot about you. But are you aware that now your walking style also reflects on how good you are in bed? Well we have always heard ‘slow and steady wins the race’, but here it seems that this saying doesn’t stand true for men who take slow or small steps! As per a recent study conducted in Japan, men with smaller steps are 40% more susceptible to erectile dysfunction, than those who take bigger steps!

Sounds interesting, right? You might be thinking what does your walking style or even footsteps have to do with your manhood down there? Well, the answer is very simple. It has a connection with your pelvic muscles. It is your pelvic floor muscles that not only plays a vital role in your erection but also decides your walking steps since weak pelvic muscles lead to smaller steps as well.

Erectile dysfunction is a man’s inability to get an erection firm enough for penetration. Also known as impotence, it’s not uncommon to get an erection problem once in a while. Still, if someone is facing challenges in getting and maintaining erections time and again, then it could be a matter of concern.

Coming back to the study, this study was done by the researchers of Hirosaki University to see the correlation between erectile dysfunction and gait. In the research conducted on a group of 324 men, the findings showed a positive relationship between smaller steps and erectile dysfunction, the results of which were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. In this study, the men’s gait was measured by measuring the length of each participant’s step and height at which they lifted their foot while walking. A two-step test method was used to find the distance of two steps, which are divided by the height, both in centimetres. Such a technique helps in assessing the flexibility, balance, and muscle strength of the lower limbs.

As per the test, the men with small steps scored an average of 153 cm while those with bigger steps had a score of 166cms. For measuring erectile dysfunction, the men were divided into two groups, with scores less than sixteen and scores above sixteen in each group respectively, which were measured using the 5-item international index of erectile function test. As per this test, scores between five and seven showed severe ED while those who scored between twenty-two and twenty-five were free from erectile dysfunction.

Surprisingly similar studies done in the past had also linked a weak pelvic floor muscle to erectile dysfunction. Pelvic floor muscles are primarily responsible for functions like supporting bladder and bowel along with sexual functioning. Thus, weak pelvic floor muscles lead to sexual performance issues like ED

As per professor Raj Prasad, who is a consultant urologist at Bristol urologists associates, large steps not only signify proper functioning of the blood vessels but also reflects upon one’s confidence which comes from sexual prowess. Therefore, smaller steps can easily be linked to less strength and low libido.

As per suggestions, strengthening your pelvic muscles can help in improving your gait and erectile functioning, both. One such exercise is Kegel which is very helpful for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and can be done anywhere, anytime. It includes tightening pelvic floor muscles, holding them for five seconds and then releasing the same. Your pelvic floor muscles are the same muscles that help you control your flow or start or stop during urinating. Apart from kegels, one must exercise regularly and avoid a sedentary lifestyle as well, to prevent episodes of ED. Resistance training and combat sports training are some exercises that help treat erectile dysfunction by enhancing your testosterone levels and reducing stress.