While most musicians would rather spend time on singing about heartbreak and social causes, some talk about the dysfunction of the crown jewels. There are quite a few songs that are about erectile dysfunction, that haven't done half bad with its audience.

Whether you’ve had way too much to drink, too much on your mind or your pride and joy have failed you one too many times, it is probably time you understand that in the 21st century this is not an abnormal occurrence.

With sexual energy exuding for most music in the millennial era, it makes sense that music also shares the thoughts of people that struggle through erectile dysfunction (ED). With almost everyone desensitised to anything sexual these days, it’s not odd at all that songs about ED have surfaced ablaze on the internet. One thing about desensitisation is that it helps people have relevant conversations about issues that we’d rather have wandering through our reckless minds.  Sometimes, you just need a song to realise you’re not alone - maybe this list of 3 can help?

Before you sadly dwell on the lyrics of any of the following songs keep in mind that ED is common, it happens to many people and is not any social shame if you have it.

1.     Mindless Self Indulgence - "Get It Up" The lyrics at one point talk about why he can’t get it up by running through the possibilities of why it could be his partner. This is probably as true as it gets - most men try to find external reasons to why they can’t get it up, and not realise it in fact could be internal. This is not meant to be demeaning to women of course, just a realistic depiction of how the minds of men work during that time.

2.     Art Brut - "Rusted Guns of Milan" This would be more on the psychological component of ED, where men have the responsibility of comforting their partner and letting them know it’s not them to blame. The singer says,” It's got nothing to do with anything I've had to drink. It's more to do with the way I think.” The song is filled with apologies, and a little discomfort - maybe you can decipher it yourself?

3.     Elastica - "Stutter" Now let’s take it from the girls perspective with this song as she compromises on what the reason might be - him or her? “Is it something that I can do for you? It's always something you hate or it's something you ate. Tell me, is it the way that I touch you?”

While this is a short list, here are a few from popular names:

  • Queen - Under Pressure,
  • The Rolling Stones - (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
  • Guns N’ Roses - Patience
  • Kings of Leon - Soft

So these should keep you in check the next time you blame your crotch for your sexual mishaps. Tt happens, it’s not a big deal, and there are ways you can overcome it. “Good sex” like music, is subjective. So to each their own.