Well, the Four More Shots actor’s suggestion is not really a suggestion, if one thinks about it.

“People should be allowed to talk about sex, as long as nobody is offended.”


Absolutely nobody?

Chances are that somebody will be. Might even make their offence a project. It is the most rigorous of tests to clear given the infinitude of positions and opinions.

It is a test that perhaps even talking about the weather—usually the safest of the safe topics—will not pass. “I was offended by your saying that it will not rain today,” sounds like a plausible opinion that, well, somebody may have.

Any new theme in public conversation is bound to create discomfort, and for some feeling discomfort is akin to ‘offence taken.’

No, sorry, this does not work.

Maybe a bit more nuance in the definition of offence, please?

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