One of the recurrent themes in this ongoing discussion about sex have been the baggage we carry around it, due to the misconceptions that formed during childhood. These take a lot of time to leave behind, if ever we leave them behind. Our thoughts about sex, our expectations from it often continue to be shaped by what we learned when we were kids.
And yet the stories of formation of these are not too troubling. It is often the slightly older cousin or friend who seemed to know enough about it to tell us what is what. Or the porn we watched sneakily. Essential rites of passage rather than outlier events.
So it must be the conversations that we did not have. The ones proper grown-ups around us shied away from. How to not shy away from these as grown-ups now, and what to include in these? For such questions we have the amazing Anju Kish, founder of the amazing Untaboo, talking to us about it all. Play on.

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