It is of course a gripping conversation. In large part obviously because of Pankaj Tripathi's presence.

In this space of seeking solutions for improving sexual performance, men often use the story of a friend whom they are helping out instead of acknowledging that the product they seek is for them. It is a trope, basically. The scene captures this aspect quite well, with Kaleen Bhaiya (tTripathi) articulating all the challenges that he is facing as challenges faced by his trusted sidekick, Maqbool. Trusted sidekick has no viable options apart from sort of playing along, and so play along he does. Enough consternation passes through his face for the social tension to be palpable.

Also loved the long-winded riff on 'patan' (downfall) in which Kaleen Bhaiya goes through everything around us that is in downfall. A veritable critique of modernity itself, till he segues into 'shighra-patan' (premature ejaculation.)

As someone who has gone to more than my fair share os sex clinics, I did note a few minor quibbles with the set. The quintessential sex clinic–the sort we can assume Kaleen Bhaiya will go to–would have a dramatically different decor, I can tell you. There would be imposing dark wood furniture, and grand portraits on the wall, and most importantly, on the wall behind Dr Sharma ('Sharma se kya sharmana') we would see a combination of certificates from assorted events, and photographs with B-list (and maybe even some A-list) celebrities giving him awards. Also, can't believe that a sexologist such as the one depicted will do a test of sperm, which Dr Sharma seems to be going for.

Like I said, minor quibbles. It is a lovely scene, and is the perfect adaptation of the 'asking for a friend' routine that plays out in this space, to the Mirzapur TV series context. All the more so because the toughest of the tough guys is shown to go through this very human challenge.

Much recommended.

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