Setting Expectations

First things first, premature ejaculation is not a disease. It is a matter of an outcome that does not meet expectations. Our data shows that a much larger percentage of men who do not talk to your partner about sex think that they are 'coming too soon', compared to those who discuss sex with the partner. Specifically, if porn films are shaping your expectations about sex you are ignoring that those are films, edited and directed. Do not set expectations for how long sex should last on the basis of what you have seen in porn films. Create an environment of open and honest conversation with your partner(s).

Adopt the 'broader view'

Sex is expressive, not evaluative. Often, not timing yourself is a good idea. There are men who count 'strokes' during sex, or look at the clock. Intercourse is not all there is to sex. And it definitely does not guarantee the satisfaction of women (assuming heterosexual sex.) Think of things apart from intercourse. Your partner's specific erogenous zones, for example. And oral sex. There's a lot more to sex than numbers such as 'how long' etc.


There are two well established techniques to deal with premature ejaculation.

One is called the 'stop-start' technique. In this you simply stop before 'ejaculatory inevitability' is reached. Familiarising yourself with the build-up to that moment of inevitability, so that you can time the 'stop' is a good idea. Also, this can be figured out during masturbation and then tried during intercourse. The familiarity with the build-up is the biggest advantage of that technique. Added benefit, you do not have to start immediately after 'stopping.' Instead you can focus on the broader view (previous section) for a while before you get to 'start' again.

The second is the 'squeeze technique.' In this the partner squeezes the penis at the top of the shaft, just below the head when the man is close to ejaculation. This was part of the work of legendary researchers Masters and Johnson back in the day and is pretty effective. However, if you have to try one, we suggest the 'stop-start' as the way to go, and then maybe move to this if that does not work for you.

And on technique, also think positions. Missionary is often default, and there's nothing wrong with that, but it seems that woman-on-top might be a very good option, if you have not tried that. Added plus, it often leads to greater satisfaction for women. Try out different positions and see what works best for you.


Time for the classic Kegel exercises. Anyway a good idea for a number of good reasons. Stronger pelvic floor muscles, like strong muscles anywhere are a good idea. This strength helps you delay 'ejaculatory inevitability' which sort of is a direct solution for 'coming too soon.' Like all exercise you have to do this for a while to see results.

How to do Kegel exercises?

Well, first is identifying the right muscles. Best way is to pause urination mid-stream without squeezing your butt. The muscles you use in this process are the ones you have to exercise. After you have become familiar with the movement, you can do this as 'sets,' anywhere. Even at your desk while you are working. For best results do five sets three times a day. Each set is the movement (from stopping urination) of muscles, holding as such, counting mentally till five slowly and releasing. Five such movements is a set. Three sets a day and you are done.


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