Taking a break from a relationship is a phrase coined by modern-day couples, and it has a lot of western touch in it. Break from all the responsibilities, arguments and commitment to decide whether or not to save a relationship. If a break is genuine, it can have positive outcomes that can benefit both the partners in the long run. However, if the break is to escape, you need to rethink and set yourself apart from this toxic relationship.

There are many reasons why taking a break can help to save a relationship only if there are good intentions. Let us understand how.

Frequent quarrels - When you see that you tend to fight and quarrel with your partner more, it is time to take a step back, relax and think about why this is happening. By fight, I mean verbal and emotionally abusive. It shouldn’t mean that the couple indulges in physical fights and end up harming one another. It’s better to break up and take appropriate actions than go on a break in such cases.

Ego clashes – Ego is the rotten seed that cannot bloom and yield sweet fruits in any relationship. Ego leads to conflicts that are unsolvable until you change your mindset and come to a point where you take a break and decide what’s more important. The other person is polishing your ego, or the person as a who he or she is. Once you make it clear, try talking and working on your relationship.

Cheating – It is disheartening to know that your partner has cheated on you. However, you are much aware that the person is not vile and is guilty of life. There is a huge dilemma, and mixed thoughts keep popping in your head about where do you want to take this relationship. It is suggested that you should take a break, sit back, relax for a few days, make a decision and stick to it. Remember, your heart somehow knows what’s right for you.

Doubtful commitment - Sometimes, you jump into a relationship, thinking that your partner is the perfect one that you have been waiting for your whole life. Now that you have spent long enough time to understand that the book merely had a beautiful cover page but a very amateurish content, you start to have a second thought on your commitment. If you take a break from this kind of relationship, there is a chance that it might work if the person isn’t sub-standard at all, it’s just that he/she can’t meet your expectations.

Taking a break is good and healthy for a relationship only when you have the right intentions. Else, do not fall prey of commercials and movies that promote breaks as a gala time. You’ll only end up in sobbing over your past. Break have outcomes that rejuvenate the relationships and can be heartbreaking at the same time.

why break is important in a relationship?