Lack of blood flow in the penis causes poor sexual performance, weak urinal discharge which leads to frustration, stress and often ends up in breaking long-term relationships and can be worse in some cases.

There are natural and medicinal remedies that allow better blood flow to your penis. Instead of just ignoring, try to acknowledge the problem and embrace its solution. If you have reached your forties and started facing this issue, do not worry. There are numerous other people with the same problem.

Let us understand how we can ensure better blood flow to the penis.

Optimise your diet

Food is an essential part of the body. This is not a trivia for you that food is responsible for the overall growth of the body. You need to figure out what are some of the foods that can stimulate the blood circulation to your whole body and penis. Introduce the below-mentioned aphrodisiacs to your diet.

  • Cinnamon – The organic compound cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic acid are responsible for reducing vascular contractions.
  • Garlic – Relaxes arteries and improves blood flow.
  • Chilli pepper – Capsaicin, the organic compound present in chilli pepper causes movements in neuropeptides and increases blood flow in the body.
  • Turmeric – Turmeric not only improves the blood flow in the body but also brings out a radiating glow in the skin.
  • Onion – Onions are rich in antioxidants helping blood flow to increase.
  • Dark chocolate – Dark chocolates with a higher cocoa concentration is a good flavonoid and helps in improving blood flow.
  • Nuts – Nuts contain minerals like iron and magnesium, along with vitamins E, A, B, and C. These nutrients are considered as good blood stimulating agents.
  • Remove smoking and alcohol from your life. If you cannot do it oat once, start limiting the intake.

Start doing exercises

A proper diet followed by a strict workout regimen can work wonders for your penile health as well. The workout should include activity that indulges in pelvic movements like squats, deadlifts, back press, pushups, planks, Kegel exercise, running, jogging, brisk walking and other such practices that involve in strengthening your core muscles. This will help in maintaining a reducing your body weight and healthy heart, and it will further distribute blood to the entire body. This will help you to have a more prolonged erection and controlled ejaculation as well.

Stop masturbating

Some articles would suggest you masturbate once in a while to release stress from your body. But our body doesn’t work that way. It would help if you stopped masturbating entirely to improve your penile health and better blood circulation. This will also help in eradicating erectile dysfunction. Enjoy with your partner rather than being alone in frustration.

Remove Stress

Stress is harmful to the overall health of the body. Today, our lifestyle and food choices create more pressure than ever. Try doing Yoga asanas to release tension from the body and relax your mind. The body stretch increases the blood flow in the entire body. Yoga is also good for your spiritual health, and while having sex, you need them both, an active mind and body.

A proper blood flow is essential for the well-being of your sexual health. Certain precautions and you and your little man can have fun without trouble.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

How to have a proper blood flow to the penis?