Men want to be better in bed. At Misters we see enough evidence of that. Be it the men’s sexual wellness self-assessment on our homepage, or the calls we receive on our call centre, there is the intent to “satisfy.”

And so new research on female orgasm by Wetzel, Sanchez and Cole throws up pointers that should be useful.

From earlier studies it is clear that women’s probability of getting to an orgasm is greater if they pursue it.

This new study explores why might women not pursue an orgasm. Two big reasons emerged:

  1. If women assume there is not enough time they may not pursue the orgasm
  2. If women think their partner is “selfish” they are likely to abandon the pursuit of the orgasm

So, what can men do about it?

One, try and figure out sex so that it is not time-bound, and two, communicate ‘unselfishness’ clearly. It is important that these efforts are made without putting pressure on the woman to get to an orgasm as that creates its own anxiety.

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