There is an almost universal idea of what are a man's inalienable attributes. You know, those qualities which every man is expected to have. Both willingness and capacity to have sex at any given time feature in that list. That this always-on relationship towards sex is essential to be a man is enforced in cinema, TV shows or conversations between men at work or socially.

However the reality is simply not in line with this expectation.

Sometimes a man--any man--may not want to have sex. Around 17% men who take the Misters sexual wellness self-assessment experience sexual desire very rarely or never at all. A sizeable percentage--33--do not feel confident about getting an erection the next time they are about to have sex.

Like so much else in sex, men's willingness and capacity are not absolute as a sitcom episode may have you believe. Like so much else in sex, men's willingness and capacity to have sex is itself on a spectrum. And being on that spectrum does not make anybody more or less of a man.

This is why it is important to have voices that challenge entrenched expectations. This is the only way ideas of masculinity get complicated. This is the only way that men get to know that it is okay to not always want to have sex. Or indeed to not always be able to. Therefore the Misters project, as of course, the project of all the brands that are bringing in a nuanced understanding of male sexuality in the public view, is vital. Not just for men, but for society itself.

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