As we all know, sexual health is an essential factor for everyone to maintain a good relationship with his/her partner. The lifestyle of men today causes several sexual problems. Be it impotence issues, ejaculation issues, loss of libido or more, sexual questions in men are quite troubling. Let's see the types of sexual problems that men face and how to solve them:

Premature ejaculation - There are high chances of you facing the problem of premature ejaculation if you ejaculate early or just before the climax of your sexual intercourse. PE can occur in men of any age group.

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Delayed ejaculation - Trouble in climaxing during your sexual intercourse or a lengthy sexual stimulation is the sign of delayed ejaculation. Thyroid disease or nerve damage can be the cause of this problem.

Erectile dysfunction - Also called ED occurs when your erection is not hard enough to have sexual intercourse, or you are facing problems in maintaining or getting an erection. It occurs when your penis lacks blood flow to maintain the erection. The causes of this problem can be medical or sometimes psychological conditions.

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Peyronie's disease - If you see any curve on your penis that pains during erection, you are likely to have a rare condition called Peyronie. Chances are, you can also see a bump or lump at the bottom or top of your penis.

Low testosterone - Good testosterone level means good sex life. These levels are at its peak at the age of 18 and decline with age. However, your body still produces enough testosterone to avoid sexual issues.

Low libido - Disinterest or low sexual desire is the primary concern for facing this problem. Loss of desire can be due to medical conditions, psychological issues or relationship troubles.

Now that you know the exact problem you have been facing, it is crucial to find ways solution as well. Nowadays, you can find plenty of medications, gadgets, salves, and the like, in the market to solve your erection and ejaculation problems. However, most of them do not guarantee the results. We know it is difficult for you to discuss it with your doctors and partners as well. So, here is what you can do improve your sexual capacity and enhance the erection size and stamina, here is what you can do:

Maintaining a healthy diet

  • To improve good blood flow to your penis for a better erection is to provide the and healthy nourishment to your body.
  • Intake of organic produce, poultry, and plenty of vegetables improves your bloodstream and keeps you healthy.
  • Make sure to include at least a small bowl of green veggies in your daily meals.

Quit smoking and drinking

  • Intake of hard drinks and smoking regularly causes sexual execution problems.
  • Smoking cigarettes lowers the flow of bloodstream into your body and is the main reason for erectile dysfunction.


  • If you are on prescribed drugs for your psychological condition such as antidepressants, it is common to face ED problems.
  • It is an entirely standard issue when on antidepressants, and you will get better once you stop its intake.


Regular exercise keeps your body and your sexual health fit. Research has proved that the men who exercise frequently do not face sexual execution or erectile dysfunction problems.


Loss of interest during sexual intercourse is the most fundamental issue that causes ED. Try to solve this issue by taking some guidance from an expert.

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Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP