Everyone is aware that air pollution is not really good for the human respiratory system, but a recent study says that it can harm our sex life as well.

A report published in a peer-reviewed journal says that motor vehicle exhaust (VE) negatively influences erectile performance and overall health.

The research was conducted on healthy 12-week-old rats who were exposed to different levels of VE in a span of three months. The idea was to understand the relation between air pollution and impotence. The study discovered that the more the rats were exposed to VE, the more they had erectile issues.

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The possible reasons for the decline in sexual performance of rats were systemic inflammation, pulmonary dysfunction, and reduced levels of nitric oxide synthase in the erectile tissue, which can all lead to erectile dysfunction.

However, the researchers also admitted that the experiments on rats were at a preliminary level, and further studies had to be performed on the VE exposure model.

Another study on Delhi's air quality says that air pollution can lead to a 30% reduction in sexual performance due to its adverse effects on overall health.

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It is because a lot of heavy metals in the air can have a direct impact on the hormonal function of the body, which can lead to lack of desire for sexual intercourse, lower sperm quality even in fertile men and chances of miscarriage of pregnant women.

Here's what one can do to protect from air pollution:

1) Avoid going out early morning:

Morning walks and exercise is vital for maintaining good physical health. However, breathing toxic air while walking, jogging or running is not a good idea. Thus, you can shift these activities to evening hours until the air quality becomes better.

2) Use face masks:

You can buy prana air-mask, anti-pollution face mask, n99 air pollution face mask from a local shop whenever you go out to avoid breathing the poisonous air.

3) Try herbal and green tea:

It's believed that herbal tea and green tea are natural remedies to treat any illnesses. Drinking herbal tea or green tea once or twice a day can help to eliminate the pollution effects on our body.

4) Add fruits in your daily diet:

Consuming foods rich in Magnesium, Omega Fatty Acids and Vitamin C can help lower the adverse effects of pollution on the digestive system.

5) Keep your house ventilated:

It would help if you allowed free circulation of air in your home by opening the doors and windows in the afternoon time to avoid moisture and stale air.

6) Take a steam bath regularly:

To remove harmful substances from your body and keep your air-passages relaxed, ensure to take a steam bath once in three days. 7) Keep air purifying plants:

You can place air purifying plants like Aloe Vera, Spider Plant, Broad Lady Palm in your home or office to remove the chemicals from the air.

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These simple and natural ways of minimising air pollution in your surroundings can help to lead a healthy lifestyle for great sex.