Frostbite on the penis unexpectedly became a widely discussed theme over the last few months because of Prince Harry’s rather honest—even if not really well written—memoir. It provoked reactions from, “too much information,” and also provided rich material to American comedians. Trevor Noah, for example, landed one at the Grammy’s, “James Corden is a 12-time Emmy winner and the host of The Late Late Show.…He’s also living proof that a man can move from London to L.A. and not tell everyone about his frostbitten penis.”

Now longtime followers of this space will know that this column is all for talking more about things about the penis that are not talked about generally.

So while we may laugh along at Trevor Noah’s joke, we want to applaud Harry for the candid admission.

Also the cold can be brutal on the penis. During extreme cold, blood flow to the extremities of the body—ears, fingers, toes and yes, the penis—reduces. Therefore, kids growing up in the cold receive the solid advice to put on scarves, gloves and socks. While there are all of those things for other extremities, there’s no well known penis covering. But fret not, for the kind of cold that can really impact a penis is unlikely to be experienced by you, dear reader. However, in case you are about to be exposed to extreme cold (say, well below zero), it may be worthwhile to have leggings on to provide extra cosines to the sensitive area.

‘Winter penis’ is also a staple in American sitcoms. Think George Costanza in Seinfeld explaining his apparently small size. He puts it on the exposure to cold water! There may or may not be merit in that explanation, but we have now segued to the question of size. For which, before nursing any insecurities we strongly urge you to take the size quiz which will help you index your penis size to those of other men studied as part of a very reliable, very scientific research.

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