One universal truth about sexuality is that it is different for everyone. A generalisation like above can not be applied to one and all. But yes, there are averages and trends and in this blog we look at a longstanding belief that while men are more active, women think more about sex than men.

First we must look at how and why one feels horny or aroused or thinks about sex.

The first and the most important factor is the person’s health. If the body itself is not healthy the hormonal makeup will be such that the body will be made ready for survival and revival rather than procreation. So first be it man or woman, the most important condition is about feeling healthy.and this is not gender specific.

Next come the external factors. These are more psychological in nature and depend on the stress or tension a person is feeling, whether the relationship is good or not and how the environment is. These factors play a very important role in the feeling of desire and then arousal, so lets us explore these factors:

The health of the relationship: this is touted as an aspect that affects the women more than men, but if you look closely enough it is not so. For both men and women a bad relationship will lead to loss of interest in the partner and there is no evidence that proves otherwise. It is believed men are always thinking about sex may come from the fact that for men arousal is faster and is also palpable due to the erection, whereas in women arousal is a bit more hidden.

The past experiences and history - there is no evidence to suggest a difference in both. In general women face more abuse and overpowering than men and so have a larger library of  bad experiences than men, and this may lead them to be less interested in sex. But when we compare men and women with similar experiences, the thought of sex is not found to be more in either.

Social and Cultural factors: again, this has made women feel more guilty when they think about sex, than men. But once the subjects are guilt free and burdened by the social and cultural norms, it is still the same.

In conclusion, there is no research done with care to remove biases which says that women think more about than me. We have similar hormones and will think about sex at the same frequency when health and conditions are conducive. Men are less selective while choosing partners than men as by design they are also thinking about the security of their children. But this does not affect the frequency of the thought of sex in women. So while a woman may be thinking about sex, it does not mean that you are in luck!

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