Testosterone levels or T levels play an important role in a person's life, especially for a man. It is a hormone which not only helps you maintain a good body with muscle mass and sturdy bones; it is also crucial for your health. Lower T levels can lead to many problems, and few of them include, depression, lower sex drive, obesity and osteoporosis.

T levels generally drop down with age, but you must ensure to keep a tap on it. Having optimum T levels helps you gain muscle mass, make you active athletically, gives you a better sex drive and also improves your memory. Generally, those who suffer from insufficient T levels, opt for the dosage of synthetic T or steroids. Please note that these steroids can cause havoc in your healthy life. Instead of choosing such drugs, it's always a safer option to go the natural way.

Working out in a certain systematic way helps boost your testosterone levels naturally. Also, there are specific workouts with the opposite effect that you must never opt for. We are listing the best way to workout down below to help you boost your hormones that don't lead to any other health issues:


Heavy lifting is generally done by many who want to build or maintain their muscles. An added fact is, it also boosts your T levels. Deadlifts, barbell thrusters, bench presses or squats will significantly help you. Ensure that you always lift the amount you can, don't lift something which your body cannot handle.


Another exercise that will naturally boost your testosterone levels. Session of 5-10 sprints is the best way to begin your daily workout. Each sprint must be no longer than 15 seconds. Do a sprint workout for 2 to 3 times a week to get the best results.

Increase your reps

Keeping a systematic set of repetitions is always good. About five reps a day keeps you fit, but if you can maximize to 8 or 10 reps a day, it will gradually boost your testosterone levels. This is also called forced rep workout, as you push yourself to finish the set. Have a partner or a trainer who can encourage you during your workout.

Keep your intensity intact

When you are working out, your muscles are under high pressure and intensity. This shoots your T levels. Always remember that you are working out at a fast pace. Lift weights in the right stances and maintain the pace. Neither do less nor overdo, but it has to be a high-intensity workout for your muscles.

Increase your rest time

During your intense workout sessions, it is natural that you feel like taking a break. Scientists suggest that if your motto is to increase your testosterone levels, then it is necessary to have a longer break period for about 120 seconds. This allows your body to cool down and prep up for another intense workout session. If you feel 3 minutes is a waste of time to relax, you can opt on minimal exercises like stretching that doesn't stress your muscles.

Avoid cardio

Regular cardio exercises harm your testosterone hormones. If you aren't a marathon freak, then cycling and those long jaunts on treadmills is a NO for you. They intend to lower your T levels to speed you up. We suggest you avoid cardio if you want to boost up your hormones and opt for other exercises mentioned above.


Just exercises won't help; you must also consume the right kind of food and have a nutritious diet to increase your testosterone levels naturally and significantly.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP