The times we live in are more stressful compared to the past. Living with chronic stress has become the norm of the day. Stress leads to a number of serious ailments and diseases such as heart attack, cancer including difficulties in sex-related activities. One of the most common issues faced by men is erectile dysfunction. What is erectile dysfunction? In simple terms, it means having difficulty in getting an erection to enable penetration during sex. The nerves connected with brain fail to send message to heart to pump more blood down to penis. And thus erectile dysfunction occurs.

ED also occurs due to various other physical ailments such as cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, injuries/accidents, obesity, anxiety and also consumption of drugs, alcohol, and smoking. However, ED caused by stress can be cured with the help of talk therapy, acupuncture, aerobic exercises and yoga.

Does yoga help in curing ED? Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that improves health and happiness. There are studies that say yoga improves sexual wellness. There are many researches happening around yoga and ED. ED caused due to stress and anxiety can be cured with regular practice of yoga and life style changes and is a good alternative to medicines .Yoga basically reduces blood pressure, heart rate and increases the flow of flood. And thus, as the blood flow increases down to genitals, ED is reversed. Or such says the studies.

What are yoga poses that cure ED? Take a short look at the various yoga poses that helps in ED.

1.    Paschimottanasana: This pose strengthens the perennial muscles, relaxes the pelvic muscle and gives a calming effect. Keep the legs stretched in the front. Now, breathe in and stretch the arms upwards. Breathe out and bent forward and touch the toes. Repeat.

2.    Uttanasana: Stand with hands on the hips and inhale. As you exhale bend forward to touch the toes. This intense stretching helps to reduce anxiety and stimulates abdominal organs.

3.    Butterfly pose: Also called badhha konasana strengthens the inner thighs, stimulates prostate glands, bladder, kidneys and abdominal organs. Sit with legs extended in front. Hold both the feet together, flap the thighs like that of butterfly wings. Breathe in and breathe out simultaneously.

4.    Naukasana: This boat pose activates sex hormones and strengthens pelvic muscles. Lie down flat with arms beside the body. Lift chest and feet at the same time while inhaling and exhaling simultaneously.

5.  Dhanurasana: The bow pose helps in ED and achieving a stronger orgasm. Lie flat with arms by the sides .lift chest and feet and hold the ankles. Inhale and exhale accordingly.