Let’s begin by addressing the elephant in the room, head on. Erectile Dysfunction, popularly referred to as ED, is also the most common, male, sexual dysfunction that involves the inability to get and often sustain an erection. Before you begin panicking or wondering if you’re going to be on the receiving end of this complication- here’s 5 simple exercises that can reduce the chances and help to stabilise ED.

1.    Walking: A Harvard study recently mentioned that walking for about 30 minutes every day could potentially result in about a 41% drop in the risk for occurring ED. Don’t believe it blindly, go try it!

2.    Pelvic Exercises: These exercises are carried out through the recognition of the pelvic muscles in a man’s body and aim to activate them. Interestingly, numerous men have reported better orgasms after performing these exercises. A set of converse data also suggests that these exercises are more helpful among patients affected by prostate cancer, but not so effective for the treatment of ED. But better orgasms? It wouldn’t hurt to try!

3.    Cardiovascular Health: One of the leading recorded causes of Erectile Dysfunction, are arterial issues. So, if you think one function of your body does not affect the other, think again. Uncontrolled smoking, drinking and abusing drugs adversely impacts the health of the penis and the chances of men getting erections. Thus, medical practitioners advise young boys and men to improve their cardiovascular health, increase the activity of the body and combat obesity, to avoid high susceptibility of being at the receiving end of ED.

4.    Aerobic Exercises: Don’t be reluctant to switch it up and tailor in aerobic exercises to your workout. This will ensure a healthy blood flow to the penis and also save you from the boredom of practising the same fitness regime day after day, because let’s face it- that’s just boring.

5.    Resistance Training: This is a great way to get all the endorphins and testosterone running through your body. Weight training routines could also prove exceedingly useful and productive. 40 minutes of any moderate to high intensity workout will do it.

Now for the million-dollar question- is ED completely treatable? You’re in luck, because the answer is positive. In most cases, it can be treated with prescribed meds and surgery. In some cases, it can also be completely reversed as if nothing ever happened. If you don’t wish to go through expensive treatment, however, the non-medical precautions mentioned above are helpful too.