If there is any country one should be vehemently discussing and singling out when it comes to Erectile Dysfunction, it is India. Staggering rates have shown that impotence affects over about 50% of males over the age of forty years here. Don’t forget to spare a thought about the fact that these are just the official statistics. Now let that sink in. Although impotence is not directly linked to ED, they are interrelated issues worth discussing, all the same. Especially considering the immense taboo and stigma that surrounds sexual health and sex discourses in the nation, even today.

Numerous Indian Ayurvedic treatments, considered to holistically address Erectile Dysfunction, exist. Here’s a list we created just for you, mentioning 5 such homegrown remedies:

1.    Indian Ginseng: Locally referred to as “ashwagandha,” this herb is seen to considerably increase one’s sperm count and also affect male fertility positively.

2.    Asparagus Racemosus: Sourced in various Indian regions, this ayurvedic remedy aids the betterment of cyclical sexual functions and overall well-being.

3.    Brahmi: Psychological causes that contribute to Erectile Dysfunction, such as depression and anxiety, are highly underrated and underestimated. Limiting the prevalence of ED to physical causes and symptoms, hence, proves to be quite reductionist. Brahmi, extracted from a plant grown in the state of Kerala effectively curbs anxiety in men and women alike.

4.    Here’s some good news; the solutions don’t only lie in spices, herbs and plants. In accordance with Ayurvedic practices, the targeting of the Vata Dosha element in the body, dealing with its impulses and blood flows may also cure ED in numerous cases. This is achieved through yoga, meditation, hot ayurvedic oil massages and the like.

5.    Cassia Cinnamon: Yes! Something as commonplace as bark from an evergreen tree found widely in India could also do the trick.


The balance of ingredients in these Ayurvedic solutions must work in consonance with the hormones the uniquely individual make-up of your body in order for it to be the best recourse for you.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP