Premature ejaculation is the condition in which men ejaculate or in lay man's words "come" too soon while having sex or masturbating.Alarmingly, every 1 out of 3 men face this condition in their lives. Having said that, if you ejaculate faster than your partner once or times, that is perfectly normal. But if you ALWAYS come within the 1-minute time span, and cannot control it beyond 60 secs no matter how hard you try and find excuses to avoid sex at all cost, then my friend, you have to worry because I just listed out the symptoms of premature ejaculation.

Although the causes can be both biological and psychological, it isn't easy to narrow it down to a single cause. So the catch is to approach a doctor ASAP. Unfortunately, some men find it difficult to open about the condition to a doctor or a therapist.

For the ones seeking treatment, we have enlisted 5 exercises to control PE, or as they are called Kegel exercises. Some of these may require a partner.

1.    The Pause and Squeeze Method: This exercise can be performed while having sex as it requires a partner. Through this method, one can delay the orgasm by asking their partner to hold the penis upright as soon as they are about to come. This is followed by squeezing it in a to and fro movement to delay the blood flow which ultimately leads the urge to ejaculate to pass. This exercise can be performed multiple times until you and your partner decide to climax together.

2.    The Edging Method: This method might be uncomfortable for your partner, so it's important that you communicate with them before you try this on the bed. Whenever you get the urge to climax, stop all the sexual activity but make sure you are still erect and when you think you are good to go again, continue.

3.    Pelvic Floor Exercises: This exercise targets your pelvic muscle floor which ensures that you have a delayed orgasm and helps you last longer. All you have to do is find the pelvic floor muscle by stop peeing and the muscles that you use to do so are your pelvic muscles. Now repeat this action while you lie down. You can perform these exercises while doing anything after you find out the target area. Just contract the muscles and then relax.

4.    The Ballooning Exercise: It is very similar to edging and has got a positive word of mouth from men after doing it just once. All you have to do is find the most delicate spot on your manhood which differs for each man. After finding the right area, stimulate the area gently until you have an erection but don't stroke it. Stop before you have an orgasm. Make sure you don't ejaculate, unlike in edging. Practice this for 20 minutes a day for best results

5.    Top Stimulation: This one too, can be performed in isolation by gently stroking the tip of your penis instead of full length until orgasm. Don't ejaculate and continue this process. A lot of men find this one easier than edging because it is easier to control the urge than in edging that involves the whole organ.