While this dramatic headline emerges from research done in California, the findings might well be telling for the world. In global imagination California stands out as a place for the new, for liberal values and indeed for economic prosperity. So data from there is likely to suggest what’s to come elsewhere when it comes to sex.

UCLA research indicates that the number of people with no sexual partners in 2021 hit 40%, up from 22% in 2011. Covid led to an increase in this number but it was rising anyway.

A general bleakness of economic prospects is seen as one reason. The rise of social media is another.

Predictably, younger men are much more likely to report zero sexual partners than younger women. And yes, the ‘active gamer’ status does not help.

Might it be time to start a global movement in defence of sex, one wonders. Sex should not need a defence, but data is accumulating on its decline.

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