Hectic lifestyles and poor diet affects your lifestyle. No wonder that men and women today suffer from low libido. Excessive sugar, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, etc. lead to hormonal imbalance — which in turn impacts libido.

Like your wifi connects with multiple gadgets like phones, PC’s, laptops, etc —even your hormones are interconnected. When one conks off, the other is impacted too. And Sugar is one of the biggest hormonal disrupters!

Unfortunately, the sugar intake has increased 5 times the rate than our body can handle. On an average, misters are consuming at at least 23 teaspoons per day. And yes, it includes the meagre one spoon of sugar you have in your tea and coffee. Like a silent killer, sugar is hidden in almost everything we eat and drink.

Here’s how:

Sugar lowers testosterone levels as it causes insulin levels to fluctuate drastically. This leads to testosterone deficiency that immediately impacts libido, increases fat storage and impacts erections.

Sugar along with other artificial sweeteners also leads to increased levels of dopamine in the brain. This instigates depression symptoms and also results in poor energy.

Another problem is that both sugar and artificial sweeteners lower happy hormones called serotonin. It is also an epidemic that is impacting millions across the world. Lack serotonin results in increased craving for sweet and sugar foods that help us feel happier. This is resulting in an epidemic where people crave such foods to feel happier.

Lack of leptin is also directly related to consumption of sugar. This hormones tells us when to put our fork down — so it gives signals on when you are hungry — and when your not. Sugary foods fluctuates this hormone drastically resulting in blocking out the hormone. As a result, a balanced diet goes for a toss.

Sugar and artificial sweeteners also put stress on our adrenal glands. In this fight between hunger, stress and exhaustion — the poor sex hormones are forgotten. With mac and cheese or a double cheese pizza for dinner with a tumbler of beverage — you will not be in a mood for sex.

What you should do?

Cut down on sugar — not just what you take in your tea/ coffee — but also in every other facet of your life.

  • Avoid processed food. Plenty of places have whole wheat breads, burgers, etc. so pick the healthier version. If you have to buy canned goods, check the fine print and see the precise amount of sugar it contains.
  • Say no to aerated drinks, especially cola-based drinks contain. One small bottle of cola has about 7 spoons of sugar.
  • Pick days to go cold turkey and avoid sugar in any form. Think of natural fruits, vegetables, etc. on at least one out of 10 days.
  • Incorporate exercises in your everyday life. People who exercise regularly tend to eat healthier — plus it also increases libido.

Go on and try making these few changes to see how your sex life improves.