Before we get to the foods that help manage Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction, let’s understand these conditions beforehand. So what is Premature Ejaculation? (PE) Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a common sexual dysfunction, afflicting one out of three men in the age group of 18 to 59 years, at some point in their lives. In this condition, a man ejaculates, or releases semen earlier than desired. That is, either before or immediately after penetration during intercourse.

What is Erectile Dysfunction? (ED) Erectile Dysfunction refers to the sexual dysfunction in which men are unable to achieve and maintain an erection, hard enough for penetrative sex. Statistics record over 50% of Indian males above the age of 40 years who face erection issues. While Premature Ejaculation is interlinked with sexual stamina, Erectile Dysfunction is dependent upon performance in bed. Having said this, there are natural, dietary measures one can follow to manage and cure mild cases of each condition.

Here are some foods beneficial in the management and treatment of Premature Ejaculation:

Green onion seeds: They help increase your stamina and prolong sexual capacity. Crush a few seeds and pop them into a glass of water around once or twice a day.

Avocados: Rich in vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin K, avocados help in increasing blood flow to your penile muscles which is the point of it all.

Spinach: Research is testament to the fact that men who ejaculate earlier than men who don’t have lower levels of magnesium in their systems. Spinach contains high amount of magnesium.

Foods that are beneficial for management and treatment of Erectile Dysfunction:

Olive oil: Following the Mediterranean diet full of nuts, whole grains, fruit and lots of Olive oil has been proven to cure Erectile Dysfunction drastically. 9 spoons a week is the recommended dosage.

Chocolate: It releases dopamine in the brain, boosting the desire to indulge in sex and hence, the body responds by preparing for intercourse with a healthy erection.

Saffron: Locally called Kesar in the Indian subcontinent, this is an extremely popular Ayurvedic herb with aphrodisiac properties. For more information regarding it dosage, benefits and components click on the Ayurveda section on the website.

Make sure you consult a medical expert before you incorporate any long-term food ingredient in your diet. To find answers to some of the frequently asked questions pertaining to ED and PE browse through our blog space.