First, let's understand what precum is and how it affects the male body. Also referred to as pre-ejaculate, precum is a clear fluid released by the penis, when a man is sexually aroused and before his time of ejaculation.  Secreted by the Cowper's glands near the male urethra, precum is good for the body  in terms of neutralizing the acidity left by the passage of urine, protecting the sperm that is to follow.

However, you seem to be suffering from an excess of precum that could either mean enhanced lubrication or symptom of a sexual issue such as Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation. To find out which of the two scenarios it is, we would suggest consulting a sexologist or medical expert. If it turns out to be ED or PE, know that natural, Ayurvedic supplements and home remedies can also help manage this condition with little to no side effects. Stay healthy!