Are you newly married? Or are you in a new relationship? Or are you finding it difficult to live happily with your partner? Well, being in a committed relationship takes a lot of effort for any couple, be it young or old. A relationship is all about growing up with each other, understanding each other, respecting each other, and accepting each other's strengths and imperfections. If you are going through a low phase in your relationship, here are 4 moves to bring zing in your relationship:

  • Be sweet like sugar:

Remember how you used to immediately pick up the phone when she called you in the initial stage of your relationship? Do you recollect how you used to gift her some or the other thing for every occasion? Do you remember the lovey-dovey romantic talks and behaviour that you both used to share earlier? Irrespective of which stage of the relationship you are in, your girl always expects you to be sweet to her. Holding her hand, appreciating her work and thoughts, kissing her on the forehead before saying goodbye are all the small sugary acts, which makes her feel enlightened and loved.

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  • Patience is a virtue:

Your girl may want to share with you all that runs in her mind, take you to new places, go shopping, and live a carefree life. So what's the problem? It's her way of celebrating your relationship and creating beautiful memories that she wants to cherish forever. Even if you find her childish acts as impractical, don't get upset. Rather have the patience to understand her different ways of spending quality time together and setting new relationship goals.

  • Don't react when she nags:

It's common for women to suffer from mood swings due to the various hormonal changes that happen in her body. She may shout, talk sarcastic, irritate you, nag you when she has lost her emotional control. But that shouldn't make you doubt her intentions or feel bad about your relationship. She only wants to hear you out and not react. So, once she becomes calm and speaks rationally, you should encourage her to learn how to deal with her negative situations and overcome slowly.

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  • Stop taking her for granted:

If she is emotional, sacrificing, understanding, caring, and affectionate, it doesn't mean you can take her for granted. If she has prioritized you above everything, then ensure that you also reciprocate her with the much needed time, affection, and support. Never compare her with any other woman - be it your mother, sister, friend. It can hurt her deep down and lower her self-esteem, which she may not say. But it will backfire you at a later stage. Accept her individuality, appreciate her for her love and encourage her to do better in the areas you require her support.

The digital age has made relationships challenging and a rollercoaster ride. There is no fixed or sure-shot formula for successful relationships. Just give your best and leave it to the Universe. If love is true, your girl will surely look at all your efforts and stick with you through thick and thin.