Sex has always been a hot topic with a lot of myths and facts, like and dislikes. Everyone has their preferences. Some may like prolonged foreplay before getting into the act of making love, while others may find adventure in a home run quicky.

According to an interesting survey conducted by a famous sex toy company in the UK, the definition of sexual happiness differs from person to person based on age, gender, and sexualities. One of the fascinating revelations this survey had was that men suffer a lot of misconceptions regarding sexual performance, ejaculation period, wild acts in bed, and satisfying orgasm.

These misconceptions often lead to anxiety and affect a man’s performance in bed. Based on the survey, here are some of the common facts that men do not get about sex:

a. Women do not necessarily orgasm during sex

According to the Sexual Happiness Study 2019 mentioned above, women don’t reach the climax as often as men. While 9 out of 10 men orgasm, only 7 out of 10 women feel the big O during intercourse.Therefore, it is not wise to calculate sexual happiness based on orgasm. Sexual happiness is also based on emotional satisfaction and overall happiness in a relationship. One should hence, focus on that!

b. Foreplay is the appetizer before the main course

Many men believe, staying in the act for long is the best way to satisfy their women. However, this feeling emerges more from their interest in staying long into the business than a women’s desire. Invest a little more energy and time in passionate foreplay before getting raunchy under the sheets to serve her the best sex of her life.

c. Show your prowess by doing it, not boasting it

If you are one of those who has a habit of boasting around about their sexual prowess, it’s time you add a full stop to it. Neither your friends nor your colleagues, especially women, are interested in knowing your achievements in bed. Being a sexual narcissist is a big no-no if you really want to be the best in bed for her.

d. Don’t get crazy about the G-spot

A women’s vagina doesn’t hold any hidden treasure; neither it is an oil field. Hence you need to stop drilling it like it’s a hunt of a lifetime to find the G-spot. Forgetting about all other moves and pleasures during the act, just to find the elusive G-spot is the worst mistake a man can make in bed.

She is the queen of her cave, so let her decide how deep she would like to feel your manliness — digging deeper and deeper as a mad hunter will only make her feel uncomfortable.

e. Imitating porn is a bad-bad move

People often believe porn is the biggest warehouse for information about sex. However, all you see on the screen does not apply to real-life intercourse. Comparing your sex life with the on-screen sexual romp can become the biggest reason for disappointment for both you and your lady love.