The ongoing T20 Cricket World Cup is not the only reason why Australia has been in the news recently. A small town in Queensland called—rather appropriately, we think—Townsville became the site of a whale penis turning up on the beach!

It was discovered—again, rather appropriately—by a TikTok-er and not a marine biologist. And the size of said discovery blew the mind of the young person.

Two questions must arise in the mind of any mammal reading this story. One, how did the penis get detached? And, of course, how big is a whale penis?

And we have you mammals covered. Solidly.

How did it detach? Well, even as hypotheses abound, we find the one that proposes an orca taking a shot at an erect penis of a humpback whale most plausible. Important to note that a spurned lover could not have done the damage because humpbacks are baleen (without teeth.)

And the size? Well, the intrepid TikTok-er suggested that it is as big as his leg! Assuming our discoverer has regular dimensions, we would say three feet, give or take. However, given the size question, we have to share that the largest penis in the animal kingdom, predictable belongs to the largest mammal, the blue whale, and is estimated to be 2.5 to 3 metres.

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