This column has often turned its attention to news stories around men’s insecurity around penis size, as that insecurity leads to all sorts of unsound behaviour.

There’s no known scientifically established, non-surgical method to increase penis size, and yet, every year men shell out millions of dollars across the world to try out products for exactly that.

We think all of this happens because culturally there’s a belief that penis size matters for good sex.

So now the Ye story. It turns out—if Charlemagne Tha God is to be believed—that Ye reckons that his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian is into Pete Davidson, the comedian, because of the latter’s 10-inch penis.

A few points are important here:

Whatever gave Kanye the idea of Pete Davisson’s penis size, the assessment is likely inaccurate. Statistically speaking. It will be an absolute outlier. You can indeed your penis size on the basis of a scientific study here, as must Ye, but we doubt he will do that. You can. And must. Link below.

Find out your penis length percentile

Relationships do not end because of penis size. The end because there’s insufficient conversation around desires. Or not enough done about such conversations. No matter the superstardom of Kim and Ye, the relationship ended for reasons more complex than Davisson’s penis size. Making it about this issue seems like the reductive analysis that men are prone to, given the insecurity.

Most worries about size, are actually worries about sexual function. For a holistic review of your sexual function, you can take this self-assessment. It’s quick, and the results come with actionable suggestions that you can act on to improve.

While we are sure there are more points to take away from this story, for now three will do.

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