During a match in the Colombian first division, Santa Fe defender, Geisson Perera resorted to an unconventional move to distract the opposition as they prepared to take a free kick.

Perera pulled out his penis to ‘flash’ the opposition.

We combed through various stories on this event to figure out what was Perera’s line of thinking but could not find an interview. Might there have been some chatter during the game that set up this effort, we wonder. Was there instigation? Did Perera reckon that there’s something specific about his penis that will do the job? Or, was it a more general any-penis-will-likely-throw-off the free kick taker?

These are questions without answers.

And yes, the free kick was missed but it does not seem that in itself can be taken as proof that the approach worked, because free kicks are missed often. For effectiveness of the move we will have to wait for a goalkeeper to attempt the move during a penalty kick, we suppose. Perhaps not just once, because this new approach requires more data points for sounds analysis to emerge.

We do not think that that will happen, and Perera will probably go down as a one-off.

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