Think it is sort of self-evident that one should choose people who are experts for advice. And expertise is, again, self-evidently, category specific. So, if you ask me about advice on the role of the government in the economy, I will hold forth at length but will completely appreciate if you say, ‘but hang on, according to Adam (Smith)...’

I mean I would still suggest that you have a look at a few others and not be lost in the majesty of the invisible hand, but if you insist that The Wealth Of Nations is all you would go by, I will be unimpressed but still see your point.

Asking Adam for advice on better erections though...that does not make sense.

I mean, poor Adam would never claim that that’s the way to go.

Asking Adam the question, ‘how do I increase my sex drive?’, is again very odd.

Try Josh for Men instead, to regain vitality and strength in bed.

Adam does not know anything about all of that.

I mean sure, Adam must know something about all of that, what with him being a part of the glorious Scottish enlightenment, but it is very unlikely that you will get answers that work by talking to Adam about sex.

Do not talk to Adam about sex.

Talk to Adam about the economy.

Talk to about sex. It’s easy. It makes sense. You will be happier for it.

Trust the experts.

The not so invisible hand
The not-so-invisible hand