It’s a long running stereotype. With age desire is expected to wane. Culture seems to even enforce behaviour to be in line with this expectation, as seen in the caricaturish treatment of sexual desire of (relatively) older people.

New research by Larissa L. Wierczorek from the University of Hamburg and her colleagues published in The Archives of Sexual Behaviour, suggests that the relationship is more complicated.

Using online surveys—and therefore being vulnerable to criticisms of exaggeration or underreporting—the paper finds that with age individual variations in desire increase, but there is no de facto linear drop when it comes to sexual desire with age.

While in our assessment this is by no means the soundest study, it does raise interesting questions.

The number of men in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who have rediscovered sexual desire via Misters Daily Josh seem to all corroborate the broad findings of this study, anecdotally.

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