Channel 4 in Britain has tried—with varying degrees of success—to cultivate a reputation of investigative journalism that delves deep into important issues.

It is now making the headlines for delving into a topic that resonates with most men—penis size. Specifically, the documentary presents stories of men who have very large penises, and how this aspect of their anatomy has impacted their day-to-day lives.

The documentary has come in for some criticism, which can be broadly classified in two categories. One, that it is a very easy play for ratings as men are generally insecure about penis size, and two, that these men with extraordinarily big penis sizes can’t possibly have anything to complain about.

We reckon that both criticisms are a bit unjustified because even though there is a lot of content designed with men in mind, there’s not enough that takes a non-sensational, investigative, perhaps even ethnographic approach to examining their insecurities.

Now that the big words are out of the way, we will address the question swirling in your head, dear reader, as you go through this particular blog.

How big is big enough to be in a documentary about men with big penises?

Well, there’s length and girth. It seems that the smallest penis in the documentary is just above eight inches in length, but almost the same in girth. Most lengths in the show were around 9.5 inches, and 10.5 was the greatest length clocked.

And yet, in the time it has taken you to read this, there must be several men who have made an in-passing claim to a male friend about their size being well clear of nine inches!

Showcasing this absurdity in itself is great service, and so full marks to this documentary.

In other words, if a man has a penis well above eight inches, he would feature in a documentary about extraordinary penis sizes.

Therefore men need to, in general, be much less worried than they seem to be about the size of their penis.

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