This has been in the news before. All studies that compare sperm counts among men over decades find a drop.

The latest to find this is a study published in the journal Human Reproduction Update. This one records a 51.2% drop in average sperm concentration compared to 1973. Total sperm count fell by 62.3% in the same period.

This data has got a lot of people agitated, and for good reason. It goes to the obliteration of the species itself. It is one thing if it happens due to a meteor strike, quite another if we gradually get to zero reproduction because there’s no sperm to go around.

Of course the point above is facetious. Decline in replenishment won’t go unnoticed for long, as our financial system will not make it beyond a point.

And sperm count does not even cover the problem. Without motility measures, we can’t know whether the sperm—at whatever count—is likely to lead to conception.

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And, why is sperm count falling?

Well, there are no clear thesis that would explain it, there is a view that testosterone levels have been on the decline and that coupled with climate change is a preferred explanation. We just don’t know yet.

We should know.
We have to.

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