It is a real thing. Yes. There have been reports of people engaging in masturbation or intercourse while asleep.

It is important to differentiate these experiences from the half-awake ones where lovers remember the event but with a gossamer wrapping. These are stories of not remembering the activity at all, and indeed being befuddled when it is reported by an observer (typically a sexual partner.)

As is usual with experiences related to sex, this one has been dramatised in the media, and some references have already been made to how “sexsomnia” is caused by anxiety and stress (what isn’t, right?)

More importantly, is it even a disease that a diagnosis is called for? So, someone masturbated in their sleep? Big deal. Of course, if it is getting to the point where the person is moving around and engaging in sexual behaviour it is an issue, but then again all somnambulism is an issue to address. And as a superset we think it covers it.

It is mostly all right. May your sexsomnia—if you happen to have it—be pleasurable and a source of happiness.

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