Arnica or arnica montana is a flowering herb that has been employed to treat scalp, hair and skin conditions for centuries. Also referred to as ‘the mountain daisy’ or ‘wolf’s bane’, it is native to colder, rocky regions such as Siberia and Eastern Europe.

While pure extracts of arnica are not advisable to ingest or consume, more diluted versions of it can be applied topically for skin and hair health. It is considered a popular homeopathic treatment effective for use during fungal infections and  inflammation of the scalp and skin, relieving pain, rejuvenation of hair with antibacterial, soothing and healing properties.

The most recognized form of Arnica is that of Arnica oil. This is a herbal infusion concocted from the extracts of the yellowish-orange Arnica flower which has multiple benefits for the hair. Read below to know some of them:

Arnica oil efficiently treats hair loss if you massage it onto your scalp frequently. It provides the scalp with invigoration that activates hair follicles, triggering hair growth and health.

Good news is that once blood circulation of the scalp through massage improves, conditions like premature graying of the hair can also be corrected.

The higher the concentration of arnica in the oil, the better it is. For hair issues like split ends and mild hair fall, a diluted version will suffice. Although, for more serious conditions like Alopecia, a higher density of Arnica will be required.

The oil form of Arnica reduces hair fall by providing the roots of the hair with adequate nourishment and nutrients, making them stronger. As a result, the elasticity of your hair increases, giving you lesser strands of loose hair while combing through your scalp.

It keeps the scalp free from excess oil, dirt, sebum, dandruff, infections and almost all things that are harmful for your hair. Amazing right?

Some of the classes that contribute most to Arnica's properties are sesquiterpene-lactones, flavonoids, and phenolic acids. After all, Arnica has a specific manner of consumption that you must adhere to by seeking help from a medical professional and deciding a dosage that is suitable to your individual needs and conditions. Here’s to the healthiest scalp in town!

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP