A man’s hair is one of his most noticeable characteristics along with his face. Lustrous, thick and healthy hair for men is considered desirable and is definitely not impossible. Men also suffer from the early onset of hair loss. It’s extremely common. For example, conditions like male pattern baldness accounts for about 85% of hair loss among men, according to reliable expert statistics.

To answer the question directly, any mix of oil that contains the Ayurvedic ingredient of Bhringraj is perfectly suited for dense hair among men. Bhringraj is also known as ‘The King of Hair’ amidst the Ayurvedic discipline. It is responsible for the management of split ends and scalp itching. It successfully slows down premature graying of hair among men, facilitates regrowth of hair, treats hair fall and dry hair issues. One great contributor to hair fall is mental stress. It is often overlooked and very rarely spoken about. Bhringraj manages stress levels indirectly by possessing aphrodisiac properties and improving digestion, decreasing susceptibility to diseases and thereby resulting in a robust hair cycle.

Many debates surround the topic of whether men should massage their scalp or not. Here is why you should: It increases hair growth: Massaging your head with oil improves blood circulation to your hair follicles that translates into health hair growth, if done once in about 10 days. Acts as a soothing agent: A head oil massage also has the ability to decrease a headache. In addition, the oil is absorbed by the roots of your hair, making them stronger. Please visit our blog for more information and easy home remedies that slow down balding. Hope this helps!