Do women want to have sex on the first date?

Most people love sex but with the right person and timed properly! Now coming to time, men and women have a slightly different approach to the same. While most men are okay with sex even on the first date, women have a mixed view about sex on the first date. While some give thumbs up and also have solid reasons backing it, others feel it’s not a wise idea at all. So mister, let us see, what do most women feel about sex on the first date and what are the reasons they attribute for okaying it or not. 

Reasons for okaying sex on the first date:

1 Sexual Compatibility: 

Unlike men, for whom sex is comparatively a simpler affair, including oral sex, sexual intercourse and ejaculation that also comes with orgasm, for women, sexual satisfaction is not that easy. Around 75% of women don’t even get an orgasm from penetration alone and then also the process from arousing them to helping them get that orgasm, is not an easy task! So for many, sexual satisfaction lies a lot on their partners, that is, how well they can understand them and satisfy them. They wouldn’t want to waste years with a guy just to find out he doesn’t have a clue about how to make the sexual experience great for her!

2 Judging the  morals:

Just the way as a guy you might find a woman who okays sex on the first date might be too open, too straight forward or even loose on her morals, she too might be okaying it to judge you, but in a different way. According to many women, there are some men who stick around women just to get that one night of banging and then they are off! If that has to happen, then the sooner the better. No one wants to waste time on rotten tomatoes, so this is also a way in which woman try to read whether are you a genuine person who is looking for something more than sex like a genuine relationship or is only a one-track-minded idiot. 

3 Bodily needs: 

If you have a charming personality with a gentleman like attributes, a great sense of humour and are outright sexy, there are high chances that your date might be already smitten enough to pop up the question at the end of the date, “ now to where? Your place or mine?”. The reason is simple, she is aroused and wants to get under the sheets with you, for you to douse that fire in her. Also many times, people just gel on the first date like never before. Like you are absolutely attracted and into each other. So in that case as well, she might be okay or even wanting the date to move on from the coffee table to bedroom on the same day!

Reasons for not okaying sex on the first date: 

1  Not wanting to compromise with safe sex:

Most women in just a few hours of meeting a person or even spending a day, cannot come to know about his sexual health and history. So the risk of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and other STIs remain to be quite high. Also, no one wants to get pregnant on their first date with almost a total stranger and here also a woman cannot trust this, even if a nice but new guy is taking utmost care and protection to prevent pregnancy. 

2  Not wanting to come across as a “loose-woman”

Many women feel that men think women who end up in bed after the very first date are not classy and kind of ‘loose’.  They don’t have very good morals and might be doing this with every second guy they come across. So to maintain that proper imagine and integrity of character, many women refrain from having sex on the very first date. 

3 No love, no sex:

Unlike men, sex is a kind of emotional affair for many women. They would only want to get intimate with a guy who they love or are really attracted to, can trust and would not dread to see a future with them. So they don’t kind of enjoy sex with a stranger, whom even if they find attractive, they don’t really have feelings for or love. 

4 Everything done in haste goes waste:

Some women also feel that to keep a good guy in hands, sex should be used more like a prize than give it all up in the first date. They feel that the guy would lose interest in you once he has got the complete taste of you, causing him to stray away. So slowly kindling the fire and making him anticipate sex, makes the things more stable. 

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